Piecing everything together

The public support we have received over the years has been more than encouraging.


How do we then reward supporters and further motivate the market?

By creating NWSC – Nanopulser World Series Challenge

This idea was mooted in 2014. It has been more than 2 years in the planning.

An audacious attempt, one of a kind driving incentive program, never before featured or undertaken by any local enterprise and offered to general consumers.

An all immersing experience featuring 5 legendary race tracks found across 5 different locations around the globe. Each track is unique. Every track demands skill.

Each year, lucky product supporters will be drawn from a common pool and ushered into the select world of grand autosport, experiencing first-hand legendary tracks around the world, fully sponsored.

Racing legends have all been there. Now it’s your turn.

Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten to assign race instructors to each individual as well.

So… Have you got what it takes to conquer each legendary track?
Can you boast of achieving ultimate bragging rights upon your return?
Will a Certificate of Completion help increase your street cred?

We cordially invite all aspirants to participate, drive and discover.


The design concept for the NWSC logo was commissioned in early 2016. We were fortunate to enlist the expertise of a talented ad concept illustrator from Macedonia.
We finally decided on the present form after going through countless design concepts and revisions.

The result is the NWSC logo which you have seen gracing the landing page of this website :

The NWSC logo was conceptualized to be distinct and iconic.

The Star – an arrangement which consists of 4 blades resembling turbo fins. This embodies the motorsports aspect in the event

The colours each signify a certain element :

ORANGE    represents renewable energy
GREEN represents our ecosystem and sustainability
BLUE represents advancement in science
GREY represents (metal) technology

racing-towards-green demonstrates our goal; to encourage vehicle owners to support sustainable technologies using motorsports activities as a platform

worldseries-text depicts our global outreach intent moving forward.